Risk Assessment for Oakley Friends Carer's Meetings with regard to Covid 19

Location ; Canford Magna Centre    Date of Assessment ; 8th June 2021   
Name and position of Assessors ; Judy Barnes, Chairperson   Ann Nicoll, Secretary

Identify Hazard

Hazard Effect

Severity of Hazard Effect

Minimize risk by

Infection with Covid 19

Transmission of Covid via airborne droplets and contaminated surfaces

Very Low

     Due to extra precautions put in place

Hall large and airy

Most if not all participants fully vaccinated


     Judy Barnes and Ann Nicoll to draw up a plan of how the room will be laid out regarding distancing regulations. Chairs to be placed one metre apart with carers wearing masks.

     Carers and committee to wear masks

Speakers will be 2 metres apart without masks when speaking

Speakers and committee to have lateral flow tests prior to meetings.

All hard surfaces wiped down by the Centre's host prior to entry. eg door handles, push pads. Committee to wipe down the same with sanitiser on leaving.

Sanitiser at the entrance and masks available for those without their own. Sanitiser also placed in the Meeting Hall. All participants use the sanitiser on entry.

One committee member to stand at the main entry door to regulate entry and the signing in of participants. Sign with individual pens.

All participants sign in with contact details in register kept by the Chair.

Windows and fire doors opened prior to the meeting starting and closed when committee leaves. Judy and Ann to ensure fire exits and windows are secure.

Where there is a flow of traffic through the main door some members may leave through the side fire doors.

Number of carers at meetings reduced and by invitation only so that numbers in the Hall are controlled.