A very good morning to everyone. I'm delighted to be able to resume our meetings again after so long.

Obviously our meetings can't be quite the same until all restrictions have been lifted and our main priority is your safety at these meetings.

From March 2020 all meetings, two ten week courses, two cream teas, our Oakley Friends 25th Anniversary Celebration and the Christmas party were all cancelled due to Covid-19. Since then our only contact with you all was by phone or email. I managed to speak to most of our carers by phone and was amazed how well most of you were coping with your caring role whilst in lockdown.

Sadly during 2020 I received numerous messages from carers who shared their bereavement loss with Oakley Friends regarding the person they cared for. It's our policy to send a sympathy card at this very sad time. Oakley Friends committee members have experienced this loss and our thoughts were with you.

There's nothing to report about last year, but we decided to have a course this summer starting on July 14th finishing on September 15th. We felt it would be safer in the summer so we can have windows open.

Ann and myself were becoming quite accustomed to retirement so had to kick start ourselves to start organising Oakley Friends again. It has been quite a challenge due to the ongoing problems of Covid-19 and our meetings take extra planning off-stage.

Unfortunately we can't invite our regular carers to the usual end of the month meetings whilst the course is running because we have to limit numbers. So, our next monthly meeting will be on the 29th September 2021. Ann will clarify the details regarding that meeting nearer the time.

Until next time stay safe, keep well and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Judy Barnes.